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Questions and Answers

Brief explanation:-  A Sexual Pigeon is simply a name for the opposite of the subject. eg  An answer to an unanswerable question or a name for something which cannot be named.
It is also useful when you cant be bothered or dont want to answer something for certain reasons.  eg 2  Where is your homework?  A  A Sexual pigeon I think!
Another way of using this weird but wonderful set of words is when you actually dont know the explanation to something.  eg 3   How  often does prince charles shave his restricted scrotum/gooch area?   A  Sexual pigeons          
Q  What is air made of?  A  errrrrrrrrrrr Sexual pigeons probably
I hope this has helped you with your puzzle as to what Sexual pigeons are but here are 3 things to remember about them.
1.It has absolutely nothing to do with pigeons (despite the picture)
2.It can be used just casually in the middle of a sentence or like tourettes, just shouted out.
3.Dont abuse the sexual pigeon, it can get annoying so use it with care at moments that can be made funny by it.    


This is a picture of the two creators of this site.  The two JOES
Left = Joe    Right = Joe    Middle = Sexual pigeon
The left joe has a scar due to a bastard dog a.k.a Sexual pigeon